What are the Marlin solutions?

Marlin is built on top of Esri ArcGIS.

Marlin comes with a desktop solution on ArcGIS Pro.

Marlin comes with a web solution for smartphone, tablets, laptops.

Marlin comes with a management console for the configuration. 

Marlin Desktop on ArcGIS Pro

Esri ArcGIS Pro is probably the most powerful GIS tool. Marlin brings the capabilities of telecom network management to ArcGIS Pro for the “heavy work”. 

Designers rely on Marlin ArcGIS Pro to draft their network (high-level design) and to create detailed designs and splicing plans (low-level design). 

If you need to do complex GIS queries or Marlin queries, the Marlin Desktop is your solution! 


Marlin Web & Mobile - viewing & editing

Marlin brings your network management to the field and to other users in the office with a web-version. Browsing your network inventory, understanding its connectivity through the Dynamic Views or getting the splicing plans, … is all possible in the web.

Marlin Web also allows your users to edit the network. Designing is done on the desktop, but updating fields, relocating assets, adding pictures/remarks, … is ofcourse possible.

Marlin Mobile brings all this functionality to your smartphones and tablets, on iOS or Android. Marlin Mobile offers offline capabilities as well. 


Marlin Management Console

Your network continuously evolves, and so does your network management solution. Administrators have the possibility to further configure Marlin to your needs. Create templates and/or catalog times, creating new Flows, creating new Dynamic Views: you have the capabilities to further manage your Marlin.


Marlin API

Marlin is a white-box (the opposite of a black-box). We offer strong integration capabilities many opportunities.

Bring the data of Marlin to other applications, create your own maps and dashboards through ArcGIS, …

Edit the data of Marlin through other applications.

Link Marlin data to other processes and applications.

Our software, your data. 


Esri ArcGIS & Marlin

Marlin works fully inside the Esri ArcGIS eco-system. 

Create your own maps and apps. Your own dashboards and survey tools. Create deeper insights with powerful BI. Enjoy! 

If you are an Esri Wizard, or you have a power Esri Partner: they can bring the geographic approach to your whole organisation based on the accurate, complete and up-to-date network inventory inside Marlin.