Marlin Demos
This is work in progress

We’ll demonstrate a few interesting features of Marlin. We cannot demonstrate everything, and there are so many more possibilities. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us how to do X or Y and we are more than happy to show it. Marlin is ready, are you?

Splicing in Marlin - excel without Excel

Typical operators have an inventory solution and still use spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel to document the connectivity. With Marlin, the end-2-end connectivity can be managed. 

Marlin offers a tabular and graphical respresentation of your splicing.

You can edit the splicing manually, or with commands, or fully automated.

You can export all splicing in PDFs, Excels, or bring them to the field with Marlin Web & Mobile.

Below, you can see 2 quick demos of the splicing.