The Power of MarlinDT Exclusive content for members of MPC

MarlinDT empowers the engineering and operations of telecom network operators with next generation network management.

The power of MarlinDT is brought to local markets through strong partnerships with experienced GIS / Telecom Service Providers and/or System Integrators.

This course will give your team a deeper understanding of MarlinDT and together we will create a winning strategy for your customers.

Chapter 1 : Understanding MarlinDT

MarlinDT empowers the engineering and operations for telecom network operators with next generation network management. But is it a system-of-records, or is it more?

With all the hype around Digital Twins, what is a digital twin for telecom networks? What is the difference between MarlinGIS and Networkmining and MarlinDT?

What do we mean with “engineering” and “operations”?

With this first chapter, you’ll get started with the basics of MarlinDT.

Chapter 2 : Marlin

Marlin empowers the engineering teams of the operator (or design & construction services provider) with next generation network management. In this chapter you will learn:

– Why are we building Marlin? What’s the challenge, what is the pain Marlin solves?
– How do we solve this challenge? You’ll find a few high-level demos.
– What are the different Marlin components and the relation to ArcGIS?
– More information on the business process
– More demos of cool features in Marlin

Marlin is fully ready for your fiber, coax and HFC networks. 

Chapter 3 : Networkmining (work in progress)

Networkmining empowers the operations of your telecom network, focusing on the active / logical network: service planning and design, service assurance, root-cause analysis, single-point-of-failure, capacity management and more.

This chapter is work in progress. 

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Chapter 4 : MarlinDT (work in progress)

What are the capabilities if both Marlin and Networkmining are active at your telecom network operator? What are the use-cases MarlinDT can solve?

This chapter is work in progress.

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Luc De Heyn


Luc holds a Master of Science in Photonics and Electronical Engineering from the University of Ghent, Belgium. For 10 years, Luc worked as a Telecom Consultant to support strategic (high-level) and detailed (low-level) design of FTTx networks.

Today, Luc is the Chief Commercial Officer at Merkator, responsible for the strategical sales and product vision of MarlinDT.