Understanding MarlinDT 

Let’s start with a high-level introduction of the MarlinDT solution. MarlinDT empowers network operators with the engineering and operations of their telecom network with next generation network management. But, what do we mean with all this terminology?


1 : MarlinDT is more than an inventory

MarlinDT is more than an inventory, more than a digital twin, more than your system of records, engagement and insights. 

2 : What is a Digital Twin?

The DT of MarlinDT stands for Digital Twin. Looking beyond the hype of digital twins, how do we define a digital twin for telecom networks?

And what are Marlin, Networkmining and MarlinDT? 


3 : What is Engineering and Operations?

MarlinDT empowers Engineering and Operations. As terminology varies accross the world, let’s define how we see these processes accross the operator. 


4 : Why are we building MarlinDT?

What is the pain, the challenge, … network operators face that MarlinDT will solve?