More than an inventory 

MarlinDT is more than an inventory, it is more than a digital twin, it is more than your system of records, engagement and insights.

MarlinDT is complex so let’s first break it down in 3 points.

1 : Single Source of Truth

MarlinDT will be your single source of truth for your telecom network. At its core, MarlinDT is the System-of-Records, the digital twin of your network. Sometimes referred to “the inventory”.

Todays network inventory/documentation is often spread around different applications/databases: GE Smallworld, Ericsson Network Engineer, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, 3GIS, NMS, … MarlinDT will try to replace these applications/datasources and/or link all data. MarlinDT will be the go-to source of information about your network: the single-source-of-truth.

However, MarlinDT is more than just a single-source-of-truth. MarlinDT supports your users in working with the data.

2 : Engineering and Operations

MarlinDT provides lifecycle management and supports your users in their day-to-day work tasks by supporting their business process.

Plan > Survey > Design > Build > Document > Operate > Decommission

MarlinDT brings accurate data to make better decisions, supports easy data-handling to update your inventory and ensures continuous data quality.

So MarlinDT is also your System-of-Engagement and the System-of-Insights.

3 : Integrate to OSS/BSS

MarlinDT integrates to your local OSS/BSS eco-system and ESRI eco-system.

Older, legacy solutions are often a closed black-box: impossible (or expensive) to integrate, easy to get data in but impossible to get data out.

MarlinDT is a white-box. Your data, our software, our API. Create deep integrations with ERP, CRM, Address Management, Workforce Management / Project Management, … As MarlinDT offers you (finally) a high-quality System-of-Records, you will be empowered to use this data accress the organisation from Sales to Support and Management.

The more users / departments MarlinDT can empower, the more efficient the operator will work. We don’t want to solve every use-case, and by integration your data can empower more use-cases outside of MarlinDT.