Why Marlin for physical network management?

The network documentation typically has some data quality issues. The root cause of this issue is the fact that the “GIS inventory” is something that is updated after the facts: weeks or even months after the new network is constructed, the inventory is updated. 

Your documentation is not a by-product. It is the most important datasource for the operator to become more efficient and create “operational excellence”. 

The inventory follows the process and receives the updates at the end. We decided to put the inventory in charge. 

Marlin leads the engineering process, from the moment GIS network data is created – Marlin wil guide it. From drafting designs, adding survey information, creating detailed designs and splicing plans, all the way to updating the inventory during the build process.

Thanks to Marlin, your business process is faster and more accurate. Marlin saves time in the design and engineering.

But what’s more? Thanks to this new process, your inventory is more accurate, complete and up-to-date. This leads to operational excellence in the operations and maintenance of your network. 

So, let’s explore how Marlin does this.